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corporate style


Corporate style helps the brand to create a professional and reliable image for the company. A consistent corporate style promotes effective communication and a sense of unity among employees. In addition, a professional corporate style can strengthen the company's reputation, establish its credibility and improve productivity.

Rumor offers to create a corporate style for the companies, which is an interesting process in several stages: studying the company's brand book and values, interviewing employees, determining the company's priorities, selecting textiles and sewing the first model in full compliance with sewing standards. The Rumor team pays special attention to details that make the work process easier for employees. Corporate style is a premium product of Rumor. We are focused on creating workwear that makes work enjoyable for employees and increases their productivity through comfortable clothing.

Our partner companies always take care of creating the best environment for their employees. We are proud to share their list with you:

  1. Restaurant Tamara from the Gastronom group
  2. A restaurant from the Bistro Gastronom group
  3. Steakhouse restaurant from the Gastronom group
  4. Zen from the Gastronom Group
  5. Kitchen and Living from Gastronom
  6. A chain of gourmet stores
  7. Madarti confectionery chain
  8. Restaurant Viuendmore
  9. Concept store Concept Star
  10. coffee shop
  11. Cafe pastry brioche
  12. Sushi Bar Ramekai
  13. Beauty salon Ego
  14. Aesthetics Center Stimulus
  15. Restaurant Sofiko
  16. Company Leaderfood

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