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The history of the brand began in 2020, with the experience, ideas and knowledge of two friends, the women's casual clothing brand Rumor was created, the main message of the brand is - express the freedom of the body and character. 

At first, Rumor collections were created in an outsourced atelier. However, due to the increase in customer demand and the brand development strategy, it became necessary to open our enterprise. 

Rumor collections are created for ageless women with an active lifestyle. Multi-functionality is a characteristic feature of our clothing and means adapting to different situations. The collections are tailored to the taste of Georgian ladies and our main goal is to diversify their wardrobe. 

In addition, our brand also creates a corporate style for companies that care about details and the comfort of employees. It is especially pleasant to work with companies - taking into account their brand book and values, on the basis of interviews with employees, functional clothing is created according to needs and desires, which increases the productivity of employees and creates additional value for customers. 

The development of Georgian production is especially important for our brand. At this stage, 15 people are employed in the company and united by the value of creating quality Georgian clothes. 



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